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Faith Formation

Did you know...St. Thomas Aquinas is officially a Development in Peace School?

We are excited to announce that St. Thomas Aquinas has been officially registered as a Development and Peace School. The D&P Schools Program was created by Development and Peace - Caritas Canada to help Catholic schools engage in Social and Global Justice issues through the lens of their faith. 

Each month, the students and staff will explore various ways they can live their faith and continue to "Grow in the PEACE of Christ" through acts of Prayer, Solidarity, and Service! 

By completing specific challenges, our school can also earn special badges. These display these "badges of honour" will then be displayed in our school as a celebration of our commitment to helping others! 

Each month a new school-wide challenge will be issued...we have already earned our “Prayer Power Badge”. This month's we will strive to be CTS Promoters!

Badge: CST Promoter

Challenge: Learn and promote all 10 Catholic Social Teachings (CSTs) in your school setting.

Badge Instructions: Explore the Catholic Social Teaching Principles and how they guide the work of D&P. Get creative in promoting the CSTs! Examples of what you can do:

  • Share and promote CSTs on your individual classroom door or dedicated hallway bulletin board. (*All)
  • Make short videos, songs, poems or artwork with your buddies about the CSTs (*Optional Extension Activity)
  • Share your creations with Admin to broadcast on Morning Announcements, Rise Vision, and Social Media Platforms **Don’t forget to tag @devpeace in your CST sharing